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4 Advantages Of Leasing Office Equipment Over Outright Purchase

Leasing printers and copy machines helps any business, both big and small, own an office equipment without shedding out large amount of money. When you are on the course of deciding on which method to go with, leasing or purchasing the equipment outright, you can use this guide in figuring out if which of the two is the best option for you.

Tax Benefits

Leasing an office equipment for a long period of time could assist businesses get a few tax benefits to their advantage. A lot of companies have the ability to deduct the whole office equipment cost from their own taxable income. When you choose to lease and run the term for 60 months or more, you could be awarded eligibility of claiming the costs under your capital allowance. However, if you do not plan to lease the equipment for a long period of time, you may have the right to enjoy these tax benefits.

Low Initial Fees

It could be tough to produce a large amount just to be able to purchase a much needed office equipment, especially of small, start-up businesses. If you think that you could not afford to fund this expense just yet, you could consider leasing the office copy machine and printer. Without the need to render payment for these office equipment up front, you could acquire the needed equipment and still have enough in the budget for all other office needs and supplies.

Maintenance & Repair Opportunities

Another great benefit of acquiring office equipment through a lease is the advantage of receiving maintenance and repair services for as long as the contract is in effect. If you purchase printers and copy machines, you will have to look for a professional and reliable maintenance and repair technician when something goes incorrect. If you choose to lease a copy machine or printer, the leasing company from where the device was acquired has in-house specialists that could fix all kinds of issues.

Easy Upgrades

Office equipment, such as computers, age in a fast way, especially when brand new models come-out in the market. If you choose to buy, you will
have to accept the fact that you will get stuck with an outdated technology for a year or more. However, if you will go with leasing, you will be able to trade a piece of an obsolete office equipment model for the most up to date model once the lease term expires.

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