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The Copier You Need If you Are A Graphic Designer

Many graphic designers print their ideas before finalization. It then needs the approval of their supervisors before it could be sent out for printing. You need to efficiently present your creation to your client and make it look like the final product. If you print your ideas, you provide your clients with an idea as to what the final product will look like.

New models of copiers, scanners and printing machines are readily available in the market with great new features available if you lease a copier in Boston. Below is a list of the best copying machines for graphic designers. You’ll also be guided on choosing the right one for you:

Comparing Laser and Inkjet Printers

One needs to decide for himself if he has to use an inkjet or laser printer. Both types of printers are different in terms of colour, speed, and image resolution. Each has its own technology to make them function as expected. Inkjet can showcase colours and sharpness, while laser printers are fast and rugged. However, it’s right to choose a copier scanner printer machine that is capable of printing more pages as well as having lower cartridge replacements. 

Ink Tanks and Page Quality

A printer head must have separate ink tanks for every colour. It will ensure that the colours don’t clog and provide great results. If you need more photo-quality images for your design, choosing a photo printer with more colour pots can offer sharpness and colour to your images. Some printers will have a range of four to twelve colour pots to produce lots of colours and deeper dark tones. Aside from that, you need to use a special kind of paper for a mixture of inks. 

However, if most of your creations are monochromatic or black and white, then search for a high-quality black-and-white printer. Choose those without colour prints as it is cheaper and more efficient than the usual ink.

The Copier You Need If you Are You A Graphic Designer


A bigger copier printer machine will tend to be better as you can use it to print a variety of sizes required for the occasion. However, you need to be specific with the size, as you’ll be printing regularly. Depending on your design or image, you may require it printed big or just the regular size. Besides, you need the right kind of paper for the best results. As a graphic designer, you should know what you want. 


Your printer must accept various types of paper easily, such as light, heavy and double-sided pages. It also allows you to print drafts whenever required for the presentation. There are cheaper models like the affordable HP models, which don’t accept heavy-grade paper stocks. These are not ideal models for printing images and designs done by a graphic designer. 

Top-rated Printers for Graphic Designers

Laser Printers

  1. Canon Color ImageClass MF733Cdw at $330
  2. Brother HLL8360CDW at $350
  3. Lexmark CS410dtn Color Laser Printer at $499

Also, try to consider other features of a printer that you can use. There are printers that come wireless, minimizing the wire clutter around your office. Some printers can print directly from a camera or a memory card without being connected to a computer. Aside from that, few printers can scan and copy while faxing. Consider all these features before you finally decide to acquire a brand-new printer or lease a copier.

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