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Don’t Forget To Check Details With Copier Rental Services

Although the latest models of copiers can provide almost all the technical assistance that your employees need when it comes to document reproduction in the office, the prices of these electronic tools must be taken seriously because they can reach up to thousands of dollars. If you really want the best performing device that can keep up with the demands of your organization, then you have to prepare your bank account.

Not all business institutions, however, can afford excellent quality printers especially the ones that are just starting making their brand known in the market. That is why some (even the established companies) turn to copier renting services to provide the best equipment for their offices.

Copier renting can be classified into two different categories which are the Capital and Operating Lease. Capital leasing is considered as a loan where at the end of the contract, the ownership of the asset, which is the copier, will be transferred to the lessee. The latter, on the other hand, have shorter terms and are only considered as the company’s expenses. Moreover, the lessees can request upgrades and replacements if they wish to.

Aside from the renting cost, leasing contracts, and printer brands, it is also important to check out the copier specifications before signing up the deal with your copier rental provider to know what other advantages you could gain from the device.

All-in-one Function

Most copiers these days are multifunctional which means that they cannot only reproduce your documents but can print, scan, and transmit or receive documents quickly.

Having all-in-one copiers in your office won’t only help you save space in your office but will also help your employees do their job smoothly because they no longer have to go to different places where the devices are located because they are now integrated into one device and placed in a location where they have the best access to the equipment.

Printing Speed

The faster the speed of your copier, your staff can finish their work.

Make sure to check the printing speed of the copier models being presented to you by your copier rental provider because not all copiers have the ability to reproduce more than 40 sheets in a minute.

Colored or Monochrome

Remember that not all copiers can reproduce, scan, or print your documents in colored outputs and vice versa. There are copiers that only produce monochrome printouts while some can do colored and black and white.

Don’t forget to tell your service providers if you want monochrome copiers or the colored ones.

Automatic Document Feeders (ADF)

Some copiers have ADF features while others do not. If you want to lessen the burden of your employees by letting the device do the job of automatically scanning the documents whether one-sided or back to back, you have to check it out in the copier specifications or request this function to your service providers.

Wireless and Mobile Printing

Wireless and mobile printing allow you to print out your files even without the intervention of USB cords being attached to your devices through Wi-Fi, USB flash drive, Cloud Sharing Systems, and other applications that are compatible with the copier.

Direct Scanning

With the direct scanning feature, you can directly send your scanned file to your Email, network, Cloud Sharing System, USB flash drive, and SD cards.

Document reduction and enlargement

There will be times when you will need to scan or reproduce only a specific part of the document. You can do this with your copiers as long as they have the zoom in/out feature that has the range from 25 to 400 percent.

Checking out the specs of the copier before signing up with your copier rental provider is important. The features that you have to check are the all-in-one functionality, printing speed, colored or monochrome printing or scanning, Automatic Document Feeders system, wireless and mobile printing, direct scanning, and document reduction or enlargement capabilities. 

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