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Things to Look For in a Commercial Copying Machine

The copier lease is an essential item to many businesses. It’s one of those items that you don’t think about until you need it, and then suddenly, the importance becomes clear. In this article, we will list five things to look for in a commercial copier leasing in Boston. We will also provide some information on the benefits of having this equipment in your office or business space.

What are the five things to look for in a commercial copying machine?

– Price Quality of the copier machine. Does it have all the features you need? What are those features, and how often will they be used in your office or business space? How important is this for your company’s needs, such as high volume copying jobs or printing documents regularly to keep them organised?

– Brand name. Printer manufacturers like Xerox can guarantee that their machines will produce top-quality copies every time they know what makes excellent equipment based on years of research and development. The only downside with higher-end brands is staying up to date may cost more money than just buying whatever is cheapest at the moment.

– Paper feeder capacity: In some cases, you’re going to want something where there’s a lot more paper capacity.

– Duplex copying: If you need to copy double-sided copies, this is a must-have for your machine. It will alleviate the amount of time it takes to make just a straightforward set and save energy on getting extra sets done in the long run by not needing as many sheets with each ream of paper.

Things to Look For in a Commercial Copying Machine

– Workflow speed: This can be adjusted based on how busy things are going at work or whether or not there’s a high-volume project coming up, such as large print jobs like flyers that go out monthly or yearly. The slower top speeds might be okay if you’re only ever using them infrequently, but when they do get used, it could take much longer than expected because less paper is being pulled through at a time.

The last thing worth mentioning about commercial copiers is extending warranties just so that if something does happen down the road, it’s not going to leave you paying more than necessary when repairs are needed. When these machines do eventually break from constant use over many years, it would be best for them (and for you) if the warranty is still in effect.

What are some brands of high-end commercial coying machines?

– Ricoh

– Sharp

– Konica Minolta

– Canon

The Ricoh C7501N and Konica Minolta bizhub 160 are top-rated machines that offer document scanning, duplexing capabilities, paper cassette capacity and more. The Canon ImageRunner C3380 is also a great machine with features such as AIO printing, fax transmission, scanning to email or network folders, plus many more.

Ricoh has been an industry leader in office solutions and business equipment since 1937 with their dedication to customer satisfaction, quality products and services, innovation and integrity.

Sharp Copiers provides a line of affordable yet top-performing machines, including print speed up to 52 ppm from a wide range of media types, including cards, envelopes or transparency film, plus automatic duplexing on AIO printers. Konica Minolta offers many great models like the bizhub C5500N Plus model, which includes fast copy speeds at 50 CPM or faster, high quality and durable toners, plus an intuitive interface that is easy to learn.

Olivetti has been in the industry since 1897 with great office solutions that include a wide range of products like document management systems, and multifunctional devices for indoor or outdoor usage. Their dedication to customer satisfaction means they offer top-quality machines at affordable prices so you can get your work done more efficiently than ever before!

What are some features of a commercial copying machine?




What should we keep in mind before buying a commercial copying machine?

– how many pages are the copies?

– what are your work hours and machine usage needs?

– does the commercial copying machine have a warranty? If so, is it long or short-term?

-Do you know of any other top brands for copying machines that would be worth mentioning?

– Olivetti – Ricoh Business Products – Sharp Copiers USA Inc.

-How much should we expect to pay for a good quality commercial copying machine today?

We recommend about $650-$2000, depending on which features they include and their brand name. If you’re looking at refurbished models, then prices will range from $150-$500 but with fewer guarantees included in those products. You can also find printers or go with the copier leasing machine, but this is typically an optional purchase.

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