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Common Copier Machines Problems That You May Encounter

It is frustrating to deal with copier machines’ problems. You can’t do anything to avoid these problems except for proper maintenance.  Choosing the right service provider for copier leasing can also prevent these issues. To prepare for these problems, you should choose the right copier leasing services like copier leasing in Boston. The copier leasing services in Boston are reliable and efficient. They have more than 20 years of experience as service providers. They handle equipment repair and maintenance. Here are the common copier problems that you may encounter.

Paper Jams 

Paper jams can happen because of a lousy set-up of the machine. Wrong paper size and inappropriate paper loading are some of its examples. To fix this, you should remove the jammed paper, reload the proper paper size, and fix the paper alignment. Also, keep the feed tires clean and remove dust inside the machine to avoid paper dust. Don’t pull the pages out because the paper can rip, and it might leave smaller pieces in the feeder. If this became out of hand, call your service provider. 

Lines on Paper 

Lines on paper can cause an issue with fusers, having foreign substances on the scanner glass, and drum-blade malfunction. In some multi-component copier systems, these lines can be a cause of drum or developer unit malfunction. Try removing interferences and cleaning the scanner glass to fix this issue. Replacing the unit causing the problem can also be the solution. 

Cartridge and toner issues 

This can also happen because of the improper set-up of the machine. Low and empty toner cartridges can cause specific issues in your copier machine, so it should undergo replacement. Manufacturer error and incompatibility issues are the usual reasons why a cartridge is malfunctioning. Talk to your service provider to help you know which type of toner is best for your machine. 

Ink Guzzlers

Offices have a heavy print output load, so they tend to replace expensive ink cartridges. Making sure to keep track of your ink status is essential when working with a copier. You can print on draft or low quality for unimportant files to lessen ink expenses. 

Wrinkled Pages 

Worn-out feed, worn-out paper trays, and exit rollers usually cause wrinkled pages. You should avoid this problem because it looks unprofessional. If the is about the paper trays, ask for replacements. Ask the technician if the fuser assembly and the feed rollers have issues.

Spots on the Page 

The smudges or debris on the copy mirror have issues if the dots appear in the same place. Users can solve this problem by cleaning the copy mirror or glass. If it is a random array of spots, replacing the drum would work. 

Discolored printing 

If this happens, it could mean that you have imbalanced density controls on your photocopier. Reset the density level if this is the case. If there’s no problem with the density, the drum or toner may be the problem. 


Your copier machine can overheat at any time. The issue may be on the bulbs, drawers, fans, and other mechanisms inside and outside the device. Don’t take this lightly because overheating can cause a lot of unwanted damage. Look at the warning messages located on the LED panel. The users should give the copier machine a break to avoid overheating. 

Confusing Codes 

Copier machines report problems with strings of codes that you can see on the LED screens. Some codes are easy to understand, but some codes seem to be unknown, especially if they have numerical and alphabetical characters to state a more complex service malfunction. The users should be aware of what the codes mean. You can make it happen by posting the codes and their meaning near the machine. Copier machines serve a role in accomplishing office tasks. This is why it is essential to invest in regular servicing and maintenance to lengthen their lifespan. If you’re looking to get a copier lease, contact the Copier Lease in Boston. The copier leasing services in Boston have excellent customer service and provide an on-time service by their technicians whenever and wherever. They can handle all these common problems so you’ll don’t have to worry when you avail of their services.