One of the printing artifacts that companies and photocopier owners less consider is the type of the paper to be used for a certain photocopier. This typical anomaly often confronts business organizations specially during usage of the equipment. It is therefore important to be very particular with the paper usage in printing or photocopying. 

In order to avoid further problems, your first consideration is to check what the manufacturer of the photocopier or printer model suggests. Copier leasing companies normally orient its customers about the type of papers to use for specific copier to achieve printouts with superior quality

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In this page you will learn important points and criteria in choosing paper – type for a for a copier lease. 

1. Paper weight. 

Different papers also have different weight scales. Bond papers that are heavier often have smoother fiber which lessens the ‘wicking’ of the machine.

2. Brightness

The quality of printout is also affected by the brightness of a paper. Brighter papers indicate sharper text and show high-contrast on photos. Not all papers on the market have an indication of brightness rating-something that also complicates things. To help you out you can compare the papers side by side. 


Opacity also refers to transparency or how ‘see-through’ the paper is. If the opacity of the paper is high, images and printed text will bleed less through the other side of the paper. Capacity must be considered especially when you intend to print on both sides. 

4. Caliper

Caliper is also known as the thickness of a paper. When printing photos, it is important to consider its thickness so that no ink bleeding may happen. 

Tips on How to Deal With Your Paper When Printing

When you use a glossy paper for printing, observe whether the colors appear to be shiny and the black ones look flat and matte. You also need to ask these questions: Do the black colors appear bronze? Do the colors look muddy? Is there ink bleeding on plain papers? If the answers to these questions are yes, there’s something wrong with the paper you used. 

You can do some experiments to ensure that the best printout result is achieved. Good photocopier companies not only provide orientation about the equipment, but also give advice on what paper is best to be used for the selected unit. 

Having these criteria in mind, choosing which photocopier to lease can be easier. Of course, your choice will always depend on the needs of your office or business. If you lease a copier,  leasing companies usually offer orientation on the equipment being leased and include copier leasing services. 

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Copier leasing services in Boston, MA are amazing. Print artifacts such as concerns on the paper type are part of the services offered by the copier leasing companies therein. Copier dealers and leasing companies in Boston hire experts who help customers choose which printer will best work for them and provide advice on how to use and maintain the good performance of the copier.