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The Role of Color in Printed Designs

When it comes to our eyes, they are often attracted to color. With a range of colors and other hues, they also attract other people’s interest instead of a white and black picture, as this is a principle that is common to artists. 

That’s why if you’re a business owner, you must consider using colors in your marketing and branding strategies. Remember that color is not just the sole factor to think of for printed designs. But, this is not something you must underestimate as it can do a lot despite being a simple element. 

For one, an eye-catching and colorful logo, even a promotional flyer, could push a customer to see your business out. The strategic use of color is something not to miss out on in printed designs. Below are the things that can make you realize the role of using color in printed formats. 

Establish a Unique Identity

It’s part of branding in a company to choose colors as this is when the color turns out to be a big part of its identity. Just imagine if Starbucks has no shade of green as its signature, it won’t have something that makes it recognized. When you associate a brand with a color, it helps create a specific identity. Nonetheless, it’s not all that it could do. Lots of companies would opt for colors matching their mission stated. 

Blue is one thing that best represents stability and trust. Brands rely heavily on clients’ trust in corporate logos that sport a shade of dark blue, as this is true in the case of AT&T and HP. But with Nickelodeon, an upbeat company utilizes a more energetic orange for its logo. So now you will come to think of the best color that complements the company mission. 

Catch the Eye of Customers

We are always drawn to vibrant colors as they stand out from the rest. A bright logo sets itself different from the rest, despite the presence of white, black, and monochrome designs. That is when it gets our attention. The thing is that it’s not limited to logos. There must be an advertised sale or important notice in a box so that the color will stand out. The design choices for printed designs will make a big difference. 

Emphasize Essential Information

Colors strategically placed and chosen can get customers’ attention to a single spot. But then, this is more valuable than showing off a logo. Graphic designers would suggest using a sale or announcement that is time-sensitive. Bright colors would be implemented in this case so customers will see them. 

So, make sure the customers will get an understanding of the message. Another professional tip to consider is that colors can be a valuable tool in directing their attention as audiences. Do not overdo it, or else sensory overload will be a major turn-off.

In any of the printed designs you have, please choose the suitable color as it is a priority. Use a color that is as significant as a font or image. It is always the color that gets the attention as it has unique individual associations. A color is an essential tool for influencing the mood of potential customers. How we people perceive color relies on the person’s culture as he or she grew up. It also directly relates to upbringing, experience, and preferences.

Since everyone perceives color in various ways, it means to say no ideal color palette exists. Bring about an effective printed design by first understanding certain colors and their specific meanings. Know how these colors carry the message to a targeted audience. 

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Now, you’ve learned the role of color in printed designs!