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Ways To Extend Your Copier’s Life

How long can you keep your printer going? Are you up to buying a new copier machine or a Copier Lease Boston contract? Copier leasing is one of the most popular ways that businesses are able to use the printer that they want lest the cost. Copier Leasing Boston remains to be a viable option for those who want a good printer. Not only does it save them time and effort looking for the right printer to use, but it allows you access to so many other printers that will be good enough for your business.

How long does a printer last? 

How many years can it serve you well until you need to replace it? The lifespan of a printer depends on a lot of different factors including the manufacturer and the model that you have. How you use it on a daily basis also says a lot about how long it is going to last. If you have a small printer that you use to print a bulk of documents on a daily basis, then the likelihood of it breaking down on you when you need it the most is very high.

Don’t fret just yet. There are still a lot of ways you can keep your printer going without worrying that it might cost you more to buy a replacement for it. How do you avoid common printer problems and keep it working for a long time? Here are some ideas on how you can keep your printer working as it has always used to.

The first step is to always make sure that your printer is clean. 

It is not about keeping it clean from the outside, but ensuring that its interior is as clean as it can be too. Open the printer and look for some excess paper, dust or other debris that might keep it from printing like it used to. Gently wipe it with a clean cloth. How often should you do this? At least once a month would do. This task does not take ten minutes to complete, but doing it can make a difference in the lifespan of your printer.

Keep the manual feed tray closed whenever the printer is not in use. 

This is something very simple to do yet it makes a lot of difference. When you keep it loaded with paper even when not in use, someone could easily bump into it. It might knock it over and get broken in the process. Consistently keeping it closed can be quite tiresome, but it is one of the best ways to prevent unwanted accidents in the office.

Keep the cartridges clean at all times. Remember to keep them new as often as you can. The goal is to replace them even before they start to dry up. Most printers come with a warning whenever the cartridge content goes below 20%. While you don’t need to have it replaced as you get a notification, it would be best to consider replacing them in the next two weeks. A dry cartridge could cause unwanted wear and tear on your printer head.

Will you go for copier leasing or should you invest in your own printer? The decision is up to you. It may depend on your overall goal and your budget at hand as well. But remember these tips to ensure that you don’t have to worry about being the reason why the copier you leased broke down. It could mean extra costs for you and that’s not what you want.

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