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Disinfecting Your Printer, Copier, Or Multifunction Device

Before the spread of the COVID-19 virus through most parts of the world, we have never paid more attention to ensuring the cleanliness of our devices and machines. But with the sudden surge of COVID-19 patients, we now see the essence of cleaning the surface of MFPs, copiers, and printers while keeping them germ-free.

Generally, office printers, copiers, or any multifunction device receive the most touches throughout the day in a workstation. Therefore, it is empirical to consider your staff’s welfare, safety, and health. One way to do this Is to keep these machines free from any possible contamination.

Protecting Your Office Staff

Several companies offer services in ensuring that your office equipment is well-cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. Since the pandemic, many studies have revealed that almost half of all US citizens don’t want to return to their offices.

One way to encourage these employees to return to the physical office is to assure them that they are safe against the virus within the facility. This can be done by following an intensive office disinfecting and cleansing routine, which covers sanitizing and cleaning machines and other available devices.

Ways To Disinfect Your Printer, Copier, Or Multifunction Device

Office machines are sensitive, such as multifunction devices, copiers, and printers. This means that a simple mistake of cleaning them can lead to a huge problem. Therefore, it is essential to know what you are doing and which cleaning materials to use.

If you are hesitant to do the work yourself, you can hire a professional cleaner who will do the job on your behalf. Although this may cost you a little, you can rest assured that your devices are in the right hands.

In case you prefer to clean the machines alone, here are the steps to follow:

Turn Off Your Device

First things first. Ensure to unplug your device from the electrical socket before cleaning. On the other hand, if you clean the machine every day, you can proceed to the second step.

Use An Alcohol-Based Or Detergent-Based Cleaner

There are several cleaning agents you can find in the market. However, not all of them are good for cleaning the device’s surface. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you only use alcohol-based or detergent-based cleaners such as Lysol Disinfecting Wipes or Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner.

In line with that, it is also worth noting to avoid using cleaning agents with chemical solvents, ammonia, and chlorine bleach, as these components can cause damage to your machine.

Wipe The Exterior Part Of The Device

Now, gently wipe the outer part of the machine. Focus on the most frequently touched areas, especially the control buttons, platen lids, paper tray handles, and control panels. After that, keep the surface damp for a few minutes.

Allow Surface To Air Dry

It is a must not to let the water penetrate through the surfaces. In addition, you can either use a lint-free, dry, and clean cloth to wipe the extra dirt or remaining water on the surface or let it air dry. After ensuring that each part is arid, you can now turn on the device.

Do Not Forget To Wash Your Hands

After cleaning the machine, it is essential to wash your hands with soap and water. Do this for at least 20 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your office equipment clean and germ-free is the easiest step to ensuring the safety and welfare of your staff. Aside from that, proper cleaning can also help reduce the chances of replacements or repairs, saving extra bucks.

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Let’s find out the proper way of cleaning your printer, copier, or any multifunction device.