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4 Best Questions to Ask Your Office Copier Dealer Before You Buy

When you purchase an office copier or printer, you are not just making investments in equipment. You might not be buying the devices outright, but chances are, you’re leasing or entering a managed print service. The best printer and copier are vital because they provide your business’s support. Smart businesses and companies know that copiers and printers can make or break and need regular maintenance to function at peak efficiency. 

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Therefore, before buying these pieces of office equipment, there are essential questions you need to ask your dealer first and from here, you proceed with the next stages in the buying process. 

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Dealer Before Buying an Office Copier or Printer

By asking the following important questions, you’ll be pleased with the result of your purchase and know what you’re actually getting from your dealer. As soon as you obtain clear answers to these questions, you’ll all be set to buy a new printer or copy machine and go on with business. 

  • How Much Does an Office Copier or Printer Cost?

Before signing or agreeing to any purchase transaction, you should ask the dealer how much the purchase price or total lease cost would be. You may not realize that the cost may include more than the sticker price, and if you just have such a price in mind, you might go over your budget when paying for the office copier or printer. 

Consider all essential factors included in the overall price of the device. Ask about added or advanced features that will make the price rise. You also need to ask about the consumables like the toners and the service contract. 

  • How Much Does the Maintenance Contract Cost? 

A maintenance contract is equally crucial as the office copier and printer itself. The agreement usually covers repairs and maintenance; therefore, you don’t have to pay out of pocket if anything goes wrong. Even if the devices are new, expect these to have error messages or jams over time. Thus, avoid making the mistake of going forward with no contract. 

Though it’s not compulsory or required, it would be best to still ask about the cost of the service contract before you sign an agreement. Nevertheless, it won’t harm you if you stick to your budget. Just make sure that you get the services that you deserve. 

  • Are Service Technicians Available and Accessible 

There will come a time that your office copier or printer will break down, and you will need someone to go and deliver the service required at once. Before buying a printer or copier, ask for service technicians who are always available and accessible. Ask how long their technicians usually respond upon contacting them. Do these technicians go out of their way to reach out? 

Ensure that the dealer would make it easier to have your machines fixed. From quick response times to options for remote monitoring, you must choose a dealer capable of taking the stress and burden off your shoulder. 

  • Are they really Official Dealers? 

Buying office copiers and dealers means you’re getting genuine products backed with a quality warranty. Official printer and copier dealers have a good relationship with the manufacturer. This also means that they have reliable access to service representative training that can benefit you because they’ll be able to fix and repair problems faster. 

Ask these best questions before you buy, and you will surely end up with a successful and happy purchase. Those who ignore the significance of asking these best questions often end up with the wrong product or lousy purchase. Save yourself from these problems, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

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