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What Material Do You Use When Cleaning a Photocopier Machine?

Photocopiers are commonly seen in most homes and offices these days. These are ultimately helpful machines that can be used for making critical physical documents. A photocopier needs to be cleaned regularly using suitable materials to ensure that duplication processes will run clearly and smoothly. 

Why Is Cleaning a Photocopier Necessary? 

Printers and copiers are machines filled with rollers, crevices, and gears despising dust. As soon as this dust gets inside, this can result in significant issues. Cleaning a photocopier is crucial. Though this can be a time-consuming task, regular cleaning prevents many problems that may hinder the photocopier’s performance and function. 

Many people know that dust and dirt can affect the machine’s scan and copy quality. Smudged and dirty glass can result in scans and copies with streaks and speckles that can somehow make documents hard to read. This can also lead to low-quality results for indexing and document recognition when scanning. If you let dirt and dust go for a long, it will be impossible to get rid of them. Cleaning is indeed necessary to keep your photocopier up and running. 

The Materials to Use in Photocopier Cleaning 

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the good things you can do to ensure that your device is working correctly. This may require some work but deliver a good outcome. You might think that cleaning a photocopier is easy and you only need to wipe this and that, but this isn’t the case. You’ll also need to consider the materials to clean your device. 

Using the wrong materials in cleaning your photocopier may ruin it without even knowing, and you’ll realize this the moment your device begins to malfunction. The materials to be used in photocopier cleaning are as follows: 

Damp Cloth 

Wiping is one of the recommended ways to clean your photocopier, and when doing this, you must use a damp cloth. Wiping your device with a clean damp cloth can prevent dust from accumulating and flying everywhere. Spraying anything on the machine isn’t recommended.  Remember that spraying can get electrical parts wet. 

What Material Do You Use When Cleaning a Photocopier Machine?


In some instances, wiping your photocopier isn’t enough. One good material you can use to clean your machine thoroughly is a vacuum. There are parts such as paper drawers, bypass trays, and toner receptacles that can’t be cleaned by mere wiping. 

You may think that using a vacuum is too much to clean these small parts. The truth is, there are now small vacuums created for particular cleaning jobs such as photocopier cleaning. Small vacuums are easy to carry and come with valuable attachments that make cleaning smaller parts or places more manageable. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

Using 70% concentrated isopropyl alcohol in cleaning and disinfecting your photocopier is also suggested. Common touch points such as door and drawer handles, scanner glass, keypad and touchscreens, output tray, and more are spots that can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol.  

Disposable Gloves

You can use disposable gloves to avoid contamination when cleaning a photocopier. As much as possible, use gloves made of nitrile or latex when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Disposable gloves should be used once; therefore, you must dispose of them properly after use.  

Helpful Tips When Cleaning a Photocopier

The first important thing to keep in mind before cleaning your machine is turning it off. Turning your photocopier off is a top priority to ensure that your cleaning routine will go smoothly. It’s best to inform others that you’ll be cleaning your photocopier so they can use alternative copiers. Daily cleaning and maintenance of a photocopier include checking for some stuck papers, removing the paper drawers and clearing paper jams, cleaning glass and rollers, and checking the toner level.

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