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What To Look For In Copier Maintenance Contracts

Copiers are complex machines, especially the new ones that are out in the market. It is not possible that an office has the needed skill to perform repairs and maintenance in-house so service contracts are recommended for high-level devices. If the copier is considered to be an essential asset, the business owner must get comprehensive contact. 

Service contracts add a very significant amount to the cost of a copier. This type contract is usually based on a combination of fixed monthly fees and extra charges that are based on usage. Different suppliers offer different kinds of contracts. There are different factors to consider like how quickly a technician will be sent out to fix your copier. 

A malfunctioning copiers can cause serious logistical issues. Add to that the frustration that it will bring to you and your staff because they can’t move forward with their tasks. Important projects may also be delayed. Copier repairs can also be very expensive. Instead of paying for repairs and maintenance in full, a maintenance contract will only require you to pay a monthly fee pre-planned. A third party will then take the responsibility of making sure that the copier is kept in good condition. 

Service contract terms

A typical service contract will charge you a fixed monthly fee. You will also be charged an additional fee for every page that you print above your page limit. There is a wide range of contracts that you can choose from. You can get a very low monthly fee with lower copy limits for your copier but higher cost per excess page may apply. You can also get a very high monthly fee for your copier but with unlimited copier use may apply. 

A broken copier can cause all sorts of problems especially if your copier is an MFP or multifunctional printer. There is a possibility that you won’t be able to use three functions, like print, copy and fax. To minimize the downtime, a good maintenance agreement should have a predetermined response time wherein the supplier is obligated to send you a professional technician. It should be within the same day or at least a few hours after you call for service. Suppliers that have their own engineers in-house will have a better and faster response time compared to those that rely entirely on a third party service. 

Extended warranty

There is a chance to have an extended warranty for your copier or printer. This usually applies to cheaper copiers because it is not economically wise to take on a service contract. An extended warranty for your copier or printer will cover much less than a typical service and maintenance contract. This means that it is unlikely that an engineer will be sent to your workplace should you need one. Also, relying on just the warranty will mean long delays on your tasks because you need to send your copier away for repairs. 

Some copiers are supplied with extended warranties at no extra charge but again, will your office be able to handle the delay? You may have saved money from getting a maintenance and service agreement but your office may also suffer from the lack of equipment. It is good to weigh the pros and cons of the contract before agreeing to an extended warranty. 

Pay as you go

You can also get the “pay as you go” type of contract. In this type of service agreement, you only incur costs if your copier needs maintenance and attention. You will only be charged if an engineer or technician is deployed to your office to repair your unity. This kind of agreement also works for small volume or cheaper machines because it is not financially wise to get an agreement that is comprehensive. It is important to be cautious because the call out and repair fees for this type of contract are higher than a standard service contract so you may bear a greater financial risk. This option is very popular among low volume copier owners because they are less likely to break down. 

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