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Which One Is Better, Inkjet Printers Vs Multifunction Printers

For the past years, inkjet printers have been commonly used in home offices, small shops, and even corporate offices. These devices not only perform multiple functions such as printing, scanning, and copying, they also save spaces in a workplace and are very handy to use.

However, despite its helpful functionality and ability to print high-quality graphics, multiple problems about the device’s efficiency have been mutually agreed upon by the users. 

The number one complaint raised by users is how inkjet printers cost them money in the long run. Although their cartridges are refillable, these printer types consume ink faster compared to others, especially when it comes to printing photos in special papers.  Because they are needed in business operations, their owners have to buy another set of refillable inks to make them work.

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Inkjet printers are not powder-based, users still need to dry the papers (especially the printed outputs are graphics) after printing. If not dried very well, your printouts will turn out into a paper mess.

If you need your printers to print out thick amounts of documents right away, then inkjet printers are not suitable for you. These models work slower compared to other printers and they might need troubleshooting after printing volumes. 

Among the best alternatives to inkjet printers, especially for companies who require massive paperwork, are the multifunction copiers. Aside from its ability to print, scan, and reproduce files like inkjet printers in a short span of time, these office machines also offer transmission of data through fax.

Below are the additional features of multifunction copiers that you cannot see in inkjet printers:

1.  Wireless printing and allows connection of multiple devices

Because of its wireless feature, you don’t need to connect the USB cable from the printer to your computer to print out your files. By connecting to the Wi-Fi, you can have your document on hand in a span of seconds. Aside from this, multifunctional copiers also allow many users to connect to the device for printing, scanning, and copying.

2. Multifunction copiers can reproduce and print documents faster than ever

In a span of a minute, multifunction copiers can print up to 30 pages of documents and reproduce up to 50 papers. If ever you are in a hurry to have the files in your hand, these devices will surely never fail you.

3. Multifunction copiers’ inks don’t run out fast

Most multifunction copiers utilize toner cartridges (laser toner) that are powder based so they last longer than the liquid ones used in inkjet printers. Because you don’t need to dry them up after printing, your printouts won’t surely end up looking like a mess.

4.  Duplex scanning system

The automatic document feeder technology of multifunction copiers will allow you to scan your device on both sides without manual demonstration compared to inkjet printers that require much effort.

5. Multifunction copiers can transmit data through fax in just 3 seconds

The fax system included in multifunction copiers allows you to send files through fax with the speed of 33.6 Kbps to over 400 locations.

6. Multifunction copiers allow users to direct scanned files to different file locations

With multifunction copiers, you can directly send your scanned documents in different file locations such as USB flash drive, E-mail, and different Cloud Systems.

7. Multifunction copiers can are made for volume printing and reproduction

If your office requires massive printing and file reproduction every day, then multifunction copiers are the suitable devices to assist you. With the tray that can hold a thick pile of papers, the machine can print or photocopy up to 500 pages non-stop.

8. Reduce or Zoom in scanned files

Multifunction copiers can reduce or zoom in documents from 25 to 400 percent. The said feature cannot be found in inkjet printers which only have the ability to scan files.

The best approach in getting multifunction copiers

If you plan to install multifunction copiers in your office, the best approach that you have to do is by teaming up with copier lease providers.

Copy leasing services will provide your needs from assessment, monitoring, maintenance, ink delivery, and troubleshooting in case your device is encountering some problems. But not only that, these printing and copier solution providers will also record your device performance and will track down its overall expenses.

Inkjet printers have been used in different workplaces throughout the years because of its ability to print, scan, and reproduce documents. However, these types of printers can only do so much and cannot suffice all the needs in an office, especially because it requires massive paperwork.

One of the best alternatives to inkjet printers is multifunction copiers. Aside from their shared ability with inkjet printers (print, scan, photocopy), these devices have advanced features and technology that could compete very well in the market. 

So if you are to choose between the two devices, the best choice is the latter and the best approach in giving them is through copier lease providers.