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Best Printers For Graphic Designers

Graphic design is a mode of communication where one combines images and texts to pass a message. A good printer would give a graphical designer the best final output. Designers need quality printers that offer high-quality image resolutions and perfect color balance. The printout should be of high quality regardless of the printer being a laser printer or inkjet printer. 


Canon is one of the best producers of the best printers for graphic designers. This printer can work on papers of different weights and sizes. If you are making presentations, the printer can work on your cardstock papers. It is also capable of working on standard office paper. The printer is economical and it uses inkjets to produce the base. 

Some of the features of this printer include Bluetooth and AirPrint wireless connection. A graphic designer can easily print from any place in the office even without a wired connection. It has a maximum printing quality of 9600 dpi. It has quiet printing and it makes the printer an excellent pick for official use. It has a ChromaLife 100+ to enhance picture quality and it uses both combined and individual ink tanks. 

EPSON XP-15000

This printer is an amazing workhorse that offers incredible picture quality. The printer has six stand-alone dye tanks. They offer an impressive color blend that gives a quality image print. The printer can carry a load of up to 19 x 13 inches of paper at the back. If you are using high-yield color cartridges. The printer can have more than 800 pages. 

The key features are Ultra HD photos borderless printing, it has dual paper trays for professional prints. The rear paper tray can carry up to 50 papers and the front has a maximum load of 200 papers. There are 6 individual colors for enhanced printouts. It can be wireless and wired and it is easy to use and operate because of the LCD on the printer. 


This printer is one of the compact printers in the market. The printer is also fast enough so it saves a lot of time while printing. This printer has a special tray for cardstock and other printing papers that are specialized. It has the best features to give high contrast images. The 6-color cartridges give it a lot of dye options for your printing. 


If you are searching for a premium business graphic designing printer, this is one of the best. The operation of the printer is very smooth and the printer also has limited complications. It uses the best technology that you can get in printers. The printer is fast and its maintenance cost is low. It can produce up to 3,500 pages with a maximum resolution of up to 2400 dpi. 


This printer is one of the best picks for graphic designers. The different features in use and the eight dye-based colors make it create premium images. It has a sleek, amazing and stylish design complimenting its performance.


If you are looking for a professional graphics designing printer, this one is for you. It is a multi-functional printer that is affordable. The printer has impressive features that enhance its performance. Its features include five ink options that makes sure you get high-quality images. It has fast operation and can print images in 15 seconds. It can also produce images of up to 10 x 8 inches. It has a 2.4 inch LCD touch-enabled display. It also supports duplex printing. 

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